Work Filtering – Protect Your Businesses

Clean Internet Work Web Filtering Service enables you to control what employees are browsing and the types of files being downloaded, protecting your liability.

Clean Internet is a Web URL Filtering Service that provides Internet protection for both e-mail links and Web-based traffic. The service allows your organization to maintain productivity, reduce potential liability and maintain internal standards, by offering the following capabilities:

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Protecting Your Business Online

  • Filter (block), and limit access to inappropriate websites.
  • Protect company Liability arising from improper Internet usage.
  • Increase productivity through efficient Internet activities.
  • Monitor all Web activities.
  • Protects Network Speed and Resources.
  • Provide Flexibility without compromising your Business Information.
  • Create a Reliable Internet environment you can Trust.
  • Have a Safe and Secure Filter that cannot be bypassed.
  • Simply install and it does the rest.
  • Save cost.

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