As a CleanInternet customer, your overall well-being is our top priority. Therefore, this ‘Toolbox’ was designed to provide the means necessary to build a comprehensive support network and the ability to manage all of its components from within one location.

Like any other structure, your support network will be stronger, safer, and more capable when it is constructed by several tools, rather than just one. You can start with the CleanInternet filter as a base, and then expand your support network by using the additional tools shown below.

We are thrilled to introduce our new filter (v14)

Filter (v14) has many advantages over the old filter

  • Provides online threat protection
  • Provides a VPN for secure transactions on mobile devices
  • Will now work on Chromebook as well
  • Can block many sites at once based on a category
  • Still provides Allow and Block lists for specific sites
  • Enforces Safe Search on popular search engines
  • Can enforce YouTube restricted mode
  • Allows for filter scheduling
  • Provides detailed reports on each user and device
  • Has artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities
  • Filter settings are managed by a new and powerful dashboard
Filter Installation Instructions

Don’t wait for bad things to happen. Get started protecting your family today!

Accountability Reports

With the new filter comes a more comprehensive and powerful dashboard for viewing reports and, if requested, you can even have full administrative control over your filter’s settings. Weekly email reports of blocked sites and online threats are a new option as well.

What Can Accountability Reporting Do For You?

  • As a parent, you want to protect your young children from being subjected to inappropriate online content and teenagers from the temptations of it. Through the new dashboard’s reporting system, all web activity can be monitored to bring you peace of mind. You can view what your children have been shielded from and what they have attempted to access.

  • It is difficult enough running a business without having to worry about employees browsing inappropriate websites when they should be working. If you are concerned about your employees being stuck on social media, or worse yet, viewing pornography during work hours, put a halt to their poor behavior by installing the new filter and monitoring the reports of each employee. In addition, you will be able to view the online threats the filter protected your business from.

  • Pornography addiction is real and ruining lives! Do you find the temptation of porn too challenging to overcome? Fear you may have a porn addiction? By granting your accountability partner access to your dashboard reports, you will be less likely to make poor choices when you are aware that your partner can monitor your web activity. Let transparency help you break free from the chains of addiction.

Access to the new filter’s dashboard is free, although, you do need to request access by contacting support at support@cleaninter.net.

Educational and support videos can also be found on our Resources page: https://cleaninter.net/resources/?fb-edit=1


Choosing an email service from us is more than just a new email account. With it, you choose privacy & security, something the free providers do not offer. Because our servers are regulated by strong privacy & security standards, you are guaranteed that your information will not be sold and that your account will not be hacked. Additionally, your emails will not be flagged as ‘spam’ when utilizing a more professional address. For as little as $20 a year, you can keep in touch with your family, friends, and business connections with piece of mind knowing that CleanInternet is by your side. For account set-up, please contact support at support@cleaninter.net or call 866-752-5326

Social Engineering

Identity theft is on the rise and due to this alarming issue, CleanInternet and KnowBe4, a trusted security awareness company, would like to help protect our customers by offering an online security course for free. This course is not free or even available to the general public.

It is easy to blame computers and the businesses whose systems get hacked, however, in reality, we humans are to blame when we foolishly share our private information with the wrong people. Social Engineering is the tactics that hackers use to trick you into sharing your private information, and so, we all need to be aware of these tricks and how to spot them.

After completing the registration form, please contact CleanInternet Support at support@cleaninter.net to request the link and password required to access the course for free.

Click here to register

KnowBe4 Website: https://www.knowbe4.com/

Have you ever wondered what you should be protecting your family from when they are online? Are you concerned that your children know more than you about technology and what can be done with it, good or bad? Do you feel overwhelmed by the fact that you need to learn more but are short on time? Would you like to become tech-savvy and internet-wise but are unsure where to start?

With the Protect app, you can view over 500 lessons and spend only 5 minutes per day to increase your internet knowledge and build your technology skills. Plus, with the knowledge you gain, you wil learn how to best utilize the blocking power of your CleanInternet filter. What better way to strengthen and enhance your support network!

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The Fabulous App


Fabulous is a highly recognized support app that will help you establish an overall well-being of physical and mental health. It utilizes the theories and practices of behavioral science to help you embrace healthy habits that will last a lifetime. It will teach you how to accomplish your goals thru purposeful daily routines.


For IndividualsFor Businesses
24/7 Coaching LibraryHealthier Employees
Personal Human CoachTeams That Reach Their Full Potential
Scheduled RoutinesDaily Routine Development
Healthy HabitsTeam Bonds Strengthened
Deep Work FocusIncreased Productivity
Community SupportImproved Work Habits


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Purity Plan Ministries

Ok, so you have your filters in place and your accountability partners lined up, you have learned how to best protect yourself and your family online, and you have increased your overall heath by developing healthy habits. Your done, right? But what about spiritually, are your thoughts pure and clean as well? If not, Purity Plan can help you free yourself from immoral desires.

Purity Plan offers a complete online course for maintaining a pure life & overcoming sexual temptation called Journey to Victory.

The Journey to Victory Plan Includes:

  • 15 Digital Teaching Sessions
  • Downloadable Worksheets and Study Guides
  • Additional Reading Material & Resources, including the purity book: Slay the Dragon
  • Opportunity for a Weekly, Confidential, Mentoring Call-In Session to Help in the Journey
  • A great weekly online men’s group where men get together to gain added support and help on the Purity Journey. (You can even stay anonymous if you’d like).

Additionally, you can call Pastor Dave Brady for a confidential, complimentary chat at 217-553-8732.

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