Due to the COVID-19 crisis, more than 124,000 schools across the country have either closed or are scheduled to close, which has affected more than 55.1 million students. As such, many students are turning to homeschool or e-learning for the first time, which presents its fair share of new experiences and challenges. In particular, students and parents alike are looking for resources to help keep their children’s education going, even if schools themselves are closed down. Several organizations have answered the call, offering free or reduced-price services to support student’s online education.

Educational Resources

First of all, the website for your state’s Department of Education likely has a number of helpful resources for both educators and families. As an example, the Indiana Department of Education website features a regularly updated list of resources for educators and parents that covers a wide range of topics, specifically with students grades K-12 in mind. They also feature resources and advice for talking to children about COVID-19 and how to stay safe during the pandemic.

There are also several other websites that have compiled lists of valuable resources as well. For instance, the education website The Journal currently has an updated list of free online resources, including many paid resources that have had their fees or other limitations lifted for the rest of the school year. This ranges from universities providing free educational resources to companies like Adobe and Amazon offering free access to some of their products or services. Other helpful lists of resources for educators and parents can be found at Prodigy Game and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

Cyber Safety Resources

However, while all of these resources are useful for students looking to learn while schools are shut down, the fact is that there are unique challenges that come with a mostly online learning experience. Cybersecurity is always a concern, no matter how much time you spend online, but it takes an even greater priority when it is so heavily connected to student’s education. Thankfully, there are also several resources available to help those who are less experienced with cybersecurity issues stay safe during these trying times. The Center For Cyber Safety and Education has several free resources, from helpful tip sheets and PowerPoints for parents to free access to their Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program.

Of course, one of the best resources for parents looking to keep their children safe while they’re learning online is Clean Internet, as we provide a robust set of web filtering tools designed to keep families and businesses alike secure and free from the threat of inappropriate materials online. Along with some of the best filtering software you can buy, our staff is dedicated to our mission of protecting your family as they work, learn, and have fun. You can learn more about our services on our website, or by contacting us by calling (219) 728-5030 or email us at support@cleaninter.net.

We are in the midst of trying times and adapting to online education can be difficult for both students and parents, especially if they lack hands-on experience with homeschooling strategies. Thankfully, so many organizations are doing their part to help mitigate these challenges and offer children a wide range of educational opportunities, while also keeping them safe from the shadier side of the internet.

There is no way of knowing for sure how long schools will be delayed by COVID-19, but as long as well have the necessary tools and information, we can make the best of this situation and ensure that our children are getting the best possible education.