Do your kids love YouTube? Odds are, they do! There are tons of YouTube videos that appeal to young audiences. One popular type of video is the unboxing of toys and gifts. Another is watching kids play video games like Roblox and Minecraft. But, is YouTube safe for your little ones?

No. It’s definitely not.

In fact, inappropriate content can slip through filters of the Kid’s YouTube app. Parents should know, the kid’s app is supposed to filter out content labeled ‘unfit for children’. Unfortunately, the filters are prone to errors. Some videos that look appropriate for children on the surface, like cartoons or puppets, are full of adult content. Unless someone else flags the video, YouTube does not know whether or not a video is truly suitable for children. No one screens them first and anyone can upload videos.

While the viral warning about the scary woman “Momo” who told children to set fire to their homes on YouTube was found to be a hoax, “YouTube Poop” is real. What is YouTube Poop? It is when a video seems decent at first, but contains inappropriate content in the middle. This is troublesome because a parent could screen a video and leave the room when they decide it is safe. That is when the inappropriate content, like profanity or sexual jokes, appear. These types of videos are called “YouTube Poop”. These videos could slip through the kid’s filter.

Another issue is the auto-play option. A child may start watching Sesame Street, but end up on another channel that you don’t recognize. Subscribing to sources you know and trust helps, but auto-play can be turned off for extra precaution. Doing this ensures your children only watch videos that you select.

Of course, there are other dark places on the internet, unsafe for children. At Clean Internet, it is our mission to is to provide the safest, most advanced web filtering tools possible. We block content, like nudity, profanity, adults only, bathing suits, gross/disgusting material, violence, and chat. With over 20 years of experience, Clean Internet is dedicated to providing the most cost-effective filtering software to homes, churches, schools, and businesses. You can breathe easy knowing that Clean Internet is on duty 24/7, and is always on patrol. Call us today at (219) 728-5030 and learn how you can provide the protection your children deserve!