In 1998, three businessmen saw that the still-young Internet was being saturated by inappropriate content. As faithful Christians and family men, they became deeply concerned. If there were no means to navigate the web without the temptations of viewing porn or violent media, then they would create the means –– they would create CleanInternet®.

… “and prepare for thyself, thou and all thy company that are assembled unto thee,
and be thou a guard to them.”

– Ezekiel 38:7 (KJV)


Having developed a filter to block porn and violence from the Internet, they were relieved to enjoy a worry-free online experience. But once their family, friends, and coworkers caught wind of this revolutionary software, they were asked to make CleanInternet® available to all. These requests birthed a new business venture. And the freedom to browse the Internet without the threat of porn and other inappropriate content became available to the public.

For over 20 years, CleanInternet® has continued to evolve, continually being updated and improved. And once the cell phone revolution arrived, it was adapted for Android devices –– to create an all-encompassing online experience. Today, CleanInternet® is considered one of the safest web filters available, providing fellow Christians a secure and reliable solution to inappropriate Internet content.


Our Mission at CleanInternet® is to effectively assist and enhance the lives of those whom we serve by providing (applying) the best innovations and technology, to produce the safest, most secure, cost effective Web Filtering tools possible. To ensure that our desires and aspirations are met, the entire staff at CleanInternet® is totally committed to this mission, by providing the highest quality services of unmatched value to each and every customer; and to consider it not only a privilege but an honor to be entrusted with the opportunity to serve our fellow man. It is our desire to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations; to firmly establish a lasting relationship. In truth, may we honor God.


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